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Client Reviews


I’ve been working with Dr Anderson for a few years now and I am very happy. He is easy to work with and provide an excellent experience.


I recently visited the clinic for an adjustment, and now I feel so much better. Dr. Anderson is fair, and practical with his treatment.I highly recommend a visit if you are having problems, and need an adjustment. 


I was having pain problems with my hip. I got a shot at my Doctor's office and was seeing a physical therapist. It was better but the pain really never went away. My sister suggested going to a chiropractor. I had never been and it made me a little uncomfortable, but I went. I would recommend it to anyone. My hip is pain free and I feel better over all. Dr. Anderson was very aware of my discomfort and worked through it with me explaining the what and why of what he was doing.


My job requires me to sit all day at a computer which gave me back pain and sciatica.  With Dr. Anderson's help, he made a care plan for me which involved adjustments, stretching, and ergonomic changes at work.  Less than one month after care the pain is gone thanks to him.


Dr. Anderson was very accommodating of my schedule and was able to see me quickly. He was very professional and made me feel comfortable prior to do any sort of adjusting. He didn't try to sell me any over the top packages and created a great treatment plan based on my needs. I've been in a few times now and feel great! Awesome local clinic and great doctor. Highly recommend Anderson Family Chiropractic.


Every time I go see Dr. Anderson for an adjustment I leave feeling 10 years younger. Would recommend him to anyone.

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